Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad For You

Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad For You

So, like a lot of other people in the class, I don’t really like to share my feelings with that many people. I like to try and handle my problems by myself and always come off as a strong person, so people know that I can be there for them if they need anything. Before taking this class, I never really thought that keeping a secret could have such a negative impact on a person. During the class we have discussed and read a lot about how health can be effected negatively if people inhibit their thoughts. I can kind of understand the idea of that, but this article that I found seemed to relate to me more than the readings we have been doing because it appeals to a younger audience.It talks about how teens who keep secrets tend to be more depressed and more stressed out. I like how this article talks about friendships and relationships and the negative impact that keeping a secret can have on them. I can relate to the article because I pretty much share everything with my best friend and I’m sure many of you guys do as well. The article also talks about how sharing things with someone else can make people feel more relaxed. After reading this, I’m glad that I have friends as outlets and I can tell them almost anything. Although I don’t really like talking about my feelings, I know that I have people to fall back on when I want to talk. (To get to the article, just click on the “Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad For You” at the top.)


11 thoughts on “Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad For You

  1. I agree, I found the article “Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad For You” more relatable compared to a majority of the readings we did in class. The article is meant for people around our age and, more specifically, girls around our age (just a wild guess, has nothing to do with the website’s name). I think it is because the article is written in a way that makes it seem as if it were one of our friends talking to us that makes it so easy to read and, because of that, all the more interesting. I clicked on the first link in the article (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23040399), read that article and then followed another link (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323926104578277831872813890?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424127887323926104578277831872813890.html) on that site and read that article. All three articles basically say the same exact thing but I still found the first article to be the most interesting one out of the trio.

    • I like the articles that you found too because they are speaking to more of an audience that we can relate to. Thanks for sharing those! It’s crazy how many people had a secret or shared a secret in the second article.

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from, I have always been the same way. In fact I didn’t even let myself open up to my best friend; I felt that everyone has their own problems so why pile up my own on them too? In addition, my life wasn’t so complicated so I didn’t think I needed the help. I agree that it is nice to have people to “fall back on” because in reality, all mammals need a support system; it’s part of our physiology. Mammals who live in a pack tend to live longer than those who live alone only because they don’t acquire the necessary regulation for survival. We humans are very much the same; we need other people in our life to make us strong individuals. To conclude this comment, I just wanted to say that sharing your problems doesn’t make you a weak person. I had to learn that too.

    • I can relate to what you’re saying because I know how hard it is for me to let myself open up to anyone, but at some point we all need at least one person to be able to tell things to. Also, I think the same way because I don’t want to make people deal with my problems, but your friends always want to help you for the most part.

  3. For some odd reason, your post reminds me of the ABC Family movie “Cyberbully”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhMla94nVio The main character kept all her feelings and secrets bottled inside and although her bestfriend was the one to come and rescue her from her suicide attempt, she was the cause of the suicide attempt. my question is, should a person really tell reveal their secrets? the main character in “Cyberbully” put her faith in others and was obviously let down.

  4. I’ve seen this movie and that brings up a good point because it’s hard to know who you can share your secrets with. It all comes down to having a lot of trust in the other person, which is a hard thing to do. I still think that people should share their secrets, but they just have to be careful who they are telling and make sure the other person is truly their friend.

  5. I understand where you are coming from. I have the same mentality as you. I’ve been inhibiting for a long time. I never saw it as a negative aspect. But this class and article you have shared opened my eyes.I need some type of outlet to help cope with my life. I wonder if these secrets have been why I have health issues. It helps show that there is a lot of research to show how secrets can bring negative aspects onto your life.

  6. It is weird to think that keeping secrets can also cause health issues. I didn’t really believe this was true until I saw all the negative impacts inhibition can have on a person’s health. I bet a lot of your friends are willing to listen to you and be there for you if you need to talk so you don’t have to keep everything to yourself!

  7. I really like that you connected so well with the article and that through this connection you were able to learn about yourself. You were able to identify things within yourself that you could work on in order to sustain a healthy you. I find it really admirable that you were able to admit all of this to yourself and the rest of the world through your blog.

  8. That’s a really interesting article! I totally agree with what you said about how keeping feelings inside negatively impacts you. Sometimes I have this issue, too. When I was depressed I wasn’t sharing much with people, but once I started sharing my feelings, I started feeling much better. I think realizing you aren’t sharing is most of the battle!
    (By the way, I am from KIN 161 and this is part of my Wellness Plan Assignment.)

  9. Hi I was assigned to read some of your blog for my health and well being class. I really think you’ve been doing a good job. I can actually really agree with this particular post. I find that I also bottle up feelings and keep them inside until I’ve hit a breaking point. I’ve actually changed from doing that and I couldn’t be happier with making that decision. I actually read the article after reading your post and I found it helpful. Again, you’re doing a great job and I hope you have a great day !

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