Reflection Week Two

This week I was a writer and I posted an article about how keeping secrets can be bad for you. All of the people that commented back to me agreed that most of the reading we have been reading so far in class makes sense, but the writers aren’t really speaking to our age group. The article I found and other ones that people found and put under my post were more suitable for our age. We could relate to them more because most of us have a best friend and can understand how keeping a major secret from him or her could ruin the friendship. In class, we have mostly discussed the negatives of inhibiting a secret, but someone on my post brought up a good point that you can also get even more hurt by sharing your secret with someone else. This brings up a good point because you have to know how to trust people, which is hard for a lot of people to do. It was nice to know that many other people in the class could relate to my post and I liked hearing their viewpoints on sharing and keeping secrets. 


2 thoughts on “Reflection Week Two

  1. I’m a searcher this week and glad to have run across your writing this week. I agree that some of the material doesn’t speak to the age group of young college students.

    In class we discussed about the effect keeping our own secrets has on our own health.
    James W. Pennebaker, in the first chapter of his book, “Opening Up” (1997), explains that holding in inhibitions can affect the body physically and mentally, and through confession and confrontation it takes away the negative effect of inhibitions.
    I assert that the actual process of writing, the action of taking a writing implement, and disclosing secrets is far more effective in keeping our secrets than when we tell our secrets to someone in conversation.

    I submit this video to support my opinion that maybe we should no be confessing our secrets to our friends.

    Check this you tube it’s from SWOOZE.

    I believe it’s important to remind ourselves that if we’re trying to release our pain by sharing a secret, then it’s important to ask is it fair to leave a burden with the person we’re telling to leave the secret ?

    The really tough secrets, I pay someone to listen. A professional counselor has the credentials and experience to keep secrets and no friends are hurt.

  2. I agree that telling someone a secret has backfired on me a couple of times and that video explained that very well. But at the same time I pretty much tell my best friend everything and we’ve never had any problems with not keeping each others’ secrets. I think it all comes down to finding at least one good friend and I think maturity has a lot to do with keeping secrets as well. I agree that sometimes it feels like we’re leaving a burden with the other person, but if they really care then they’ll want to help you no matter what.

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