Reflection Week 3

  This week my job was to respond to three writers. After reading other people’s posts and going over my comments, I think that most of us have a hard time trying to tackle first drafts. I think writing the first draft is so difficult because I have good ideas, but trying to put them into something that makes sense in an essay is very hard for me. Writing first drafts is just going to take a lot of practice. I have to realize that just because I can’t sit down and write a perfect essay after the first attempt doesn’t mean I have writer’s block. Until now, I always thought I had writer’s block because essays are such a struggle for me since every single teacher I have had told me to write a different way. Another thing that I thought about after blogging this week is that trying to write essays and getting homework assignments done in college is way more of a challenge for me than it was in high school. In school now, I think that I procrastinate way more than I used to because I’m not in the comfort of my own home and I haven’t really found a space where I like to do my homework. I feel like no matter where I go here, there’s always some distractions and it’s easy to just do something else rather than doing the work that I need to do. I think that as I get more comfortable in college that it will get easier to write essays and do homework in this environment. 


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