Peer Review

Today in class we did a peer review of our essays, which was very helpful. It was nice to hear someone else read my essay out loud because some of my sentences were too long and sounded kind of awkward. They made sense to me when I was writing it, but didn’t sound right when they were read out loud. Also, it was cool reading another person’s essay because I only could think of one way on how to structure my essay, but there are many other ways to do it. Another thing I like about peer review is that we got to talk about citations and references and the little details that many of us might struggle with. Something I learned from today is that quotes sound better if they are shorter and more concise, rather than using the whole quote. When I was doing the peer review, it was crazy to see that we all had the same topic to write about, but many of the thesis statements and arguments were very different. I liked how when I was reading another person’s essay, they used their voice throughout the essay. This is what makes them more interesting to read and different for every person. Overall, I really liked peer review and I feel more confident about turning in my final draft. 


3 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. I agree with how a person’s voice should be heard in their paper. Although we are all writing in regard of the same topic, it seems as if everybody has a different perspective. The interrelation of the subject “Inhibition to Confession” was brought into a mutual understanding. Peer review gave me, personally, a chance to ask several questions. Not only questions regarding the readings, but questions involving my peers texts. When reading my peer’s essay, I thought she misinterpreted the readings. But I actually seemed to have misinterpreted her take of the reading. After asking her questions, she explained what she meant. Not only did she do that, but she expanded my horizons. I had another take on the readings. Peer review showed me the basic “dos and don’ts”. My peer that review my essay showed me the errors that I could not see. I honestly wished that the class would have lasted longer so that another peer could give me their feed back.

  2. It would be nice if we could have one more person read our essay and get more feedback! I also only saw the readings in one way and other people allowed me to get a different view of the readings and how they related to inhibition and confession.

  3. Researcher (Week 6)

    Even though I missed the peer review for our first essay, I managed to benefit from the peer review for our second essay. I like what you said about others writing about the same topic but coming at it from different angles. I felt the same way when Betsy and Julius reviewed my essay. We all wrote about the same thing but had different approaches on the topic. With that said, heres a link that provides some reasons that peer reviews are helpful to all types of writing.

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