Reflection Week 5

First of all, I’m kind of excited that in my lobby I found the journal that my group put out on campus for people to write in. I read some of the entries and it was crazy to see how honest some people were in there. Some of the stories were really sad and I wish I knew who wrote the stories so I could help them. I hope that by writing in the journal it made the people feel a little better to get some secrets off of their chest. This week in class we started to do the student facilitation presentations. I really liked those because it’s nice to hear from students rather than from teachers sometimes. I’m nervous to do mine next week because I don’t know if people will participate in the discussions. Also, we talked about overcoming trauma. Even though I haven’t faced anything like Betancourt, I have dealt with some trauma in my life, just like most people. There’s no way that I could go back to being the same person that I was before because I learned and therefore I changed, hopefully for the better. Change is inevitable and nothing can stay the same forever, which sucks sometimes. After a traumatic event people are going to change and if they try to go back to who they were, most likely they will have negative consequences. 


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