Student Presentations

So far this week, we have been doing student presentations. My presentation got moved to next class because we ran out of time today. I like the idea of doing student presentations because sometimes it’s nice to hear things from students’ point of view because I can relate more to them than the teachers. I can see how hard teaching must be if people don’t participate in class discussions because then you don’t really know what to do or talk about. You’re kind of just hanging there hoping that someone will raise their hand and have something to say. I really like our class discussions about our readings because it gives me a better understanding of what I read, since some of the readings we had this week were a little difficult. It’s cool that the whole class read the same thing, but everyone connects with the stories differently or views them in a different way that I never thought about. I think that that the second essay is going to be way harder because I think the readings in this section are harder to analyze than the first ones. I’m a little nervous for my presentation next class because I really hope that people participate in our discussion.¬†


2 thoughts on “Student Presentations

  1. This website that i came across talks about taking in others opinions. I have noticed that when reading a text or even in general, you need another persons opinion or objective. A book is not meant for only one eyes, or else, there would not be several copies printed. When comparing or contrasting a text, debates will occur. That is why when one has not read the assigned reading, it is obvious to tell because in the actual world, there is always something to be said.

  2. Thanks for sharing that website! I agree that seeing and hearing things from other people’s perspectives is very important and necessary for learning. I like how the article talks about how things aren’t necessarily right or wrong, but rather it depends on a person’s perspective.

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