Sentence Focus

This week, we had the sentence focus quiz. I realized after studying for my quiz and going over sentence focus in class, that a lot of my sentences are abstract. When I read my sentences out loud, especially in my essays, they make a lot of sense to me because I am the one writing it. But, when I am asked what does “it” mean or who is “they” referring to, then I could see how the reader could get confused with my writing. This makes sense because in peer review I have no idea what some people are talking about in their essays, but to them it makes complete sense. I find it hard to make the sentence focused because I don’t want to keep using the same pronouns over and over again in my writing. This class has really challenged me to think about my writing because until now, high school writing was so easy for me. If you follow the certain formula that the teacher tells you to, then you will get a good grade. This class is completely different.


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